Welcome to the Ducasa range of electric heaters

Power Heating are are proud to feature the ducasa range of electric heaters for supply and installation in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. All products can be viewed at the Power Heating office and showroom in East Yorkshire. We're able to offer innovative heating products combined with cutting-edge design, comfort and value for money.

Electric heating is safe and clean, does not produce smoke or gas at the point of consumption and, because individual usage is highly controllable and easy to calculate, will help conserve the world’s limited resources. Ducasa’s wide range of heating systems fits with our ethos of not simply providing one off-the-shelf solution for all heating situations, but looking at each individual customer’s requirements to find the right heating system to meet that need. All Ducasa products undergo a vigorous quality control process, complying with Heating Standard ISO 9000 and Environmental Standard ISO 14001, and its processes for creating products, design, production and practical applications are always carried out with due regard for the environment.

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Advanced heating

Nowadays, specifying heating systems for homes requires much more thought than simply fitting a few radiators.

The level of heating in your home environment must not only deliver the right amount of warmth for your comfort, but also be efficiently delivered with regard to running costs and environmental impact too. This can be achieved by including a high degree of control as an integral part of your heating system.

Ducasa’s attractive, high quality cast aluminium, fluid filled radiators combine good looks with top performance and are ideal for situations where different environments are required at different times of the day. The ingenious quick-fit wall brackets mean each unit can be fitted in minutes reducing installation times and by using quality components, Ducasa products will last.

By being able to select the exact temperature and programme unique operating times for each heater or group of heaters, you can obtain a higher degree of comfort and control. Through the wide range of Ducasa systems, it is possible to obtain significant power and economy savings. Ducasa offers intelligent heating for the 21st century.