Welcome to the Heizen range of premium quality electric radiators from Power Heating

Heizen radiators combine good looks and the highest standards of performance. They are ideal for situations where different temperatures are required at different times. Consider their value in rooms with little daytime use, in second homes, holiday homes, and individual offices where personal preference is important. The Heizen range of electric radiators provide you with a warm, comfortable environment whenever you need it. These energy-efficient, controllable and flexible radiators allow you to control the temperature of each room, 24 hours per day, and to take back control of your heating costs. This impressive range of energy-efficient radiators can be installed either as individual radiators or as an electric central heating system that will allow for easy-to-operate comfort in both domestic and commercial settings. Above all, Heizen radiators will help you take control of your heating costs while providing you with the exact comfort and warmth that you require.

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