Bespoke Infrared Heating

Infranomic pride themselves on being the most versatile infrared heating product on the market. Imagine a heating system that can blend effortlessly into your surroundings regardless of your colour scheme or interior design. Infranomic are able to offer an extensive range of colours taken from the RAL colour chart. Simply select your perfect colour that is best suited for your room and the heater will be manufactured to the exact colour and model type of your choosing. As Infranomic heaters are hand built by the manufacturer's own highly skilled craftsmen there is an unprecedented choice of deigns built to the highest quality to ensure your new heating system compliments your surroundings.

Mirrors and Artwork

Practical mirrors to stunning high definition art work. Every home requires a mirror, as every home requires heating; Infranomic gives you both options with one high quality solution. Fully certified to allow safe use in bathrooms and wet rooms our mirrored products not only heat the room but also don’t mist over whilst in use allowing you to continue grooming in perfect clarity. Our stunning high definition art panels provide an extra wow factor to your heating system. Not only do we offer a wide choice of beautiful art designs but we give you the opportunity of expressing your creative side by applying your own artwork or photographs to any heater or mirror*. (* Subject to design approval) Gone is the time of having to have monotonous looking heating systems in your home.


Infranomic offers a wide range of control systems from basic room thermostats to intelligent self-learning systems designed to minimise your energy usage. Infranomic heating panels can be simply plugged-in and operated by either directly turning it on and off or by using a plug-in thermostat, however for more permanent systems we highly recommend a wired system using individual room thermostats or a central control system.

Room Thermostats:
Each room has its own thermostat that can be individually programmed to suit the heating requirement needed within that room.

Central Control System:
This Government approved control system monitors and controls each room from a central point i.e. your mobile phone, tablet device or personal computer. Programmed with the heating requirements of each room, this system learns important information such as how long a room takes to heat and how often. The self-learning intelligent software will then optimise the most energy efficient method of maintaining heat within your home. This system provides you with detailed information regarding your heating and energy usage.

Some frequently asked questions

A brief introduction to infrared heating and Infranomic infrared heaters, including some of the most commonly asked questions, which we hope you find useful.

What is infrared heating and how does it work?

Infrared is a form of light which is invisible to the human eye, but which we can sometimes feel on our skin as heat. We experience infrared light every time we feel the heat from the sun on our skin, and this is known as thermal infrared light. Infrared (also known a far infrared) technology has been adapted to heat domestic, office, retail and commercial environments. Infrared heaters such as Infranomic heating panels emit far infrared light which function by heating objects rather than heating air, a principle that brings with it numerous benefits and advantages.

What are Infranomic infrared heaters?

Infranomic infrared heaters are electrically powered and convert electricity to emit radiant far infrared heat. They are a modern, innovative way to heat your property, and rather than heating the air, like traditional gas, oil and electric systems, infrared heats the very fabric of your building. Walls retain heat much longer than air and return warmth to the room, thus reducing electricity usage. Additionally, heat is not circulated through the circulation of the air, thus no dust is raised and so additional health benefits can be realised.

Are Infranomic heaters safe?

Infrared heating is completely natural for our bodies and our well-being, and is the same heat as received from the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. Safety is of paramount concern and all Infranomic products are certified as safe to use by the standards of TUV, CE, CSA (Canada and USA), PCT, SAC, IP65 (“wet areas” such as bathrooms and kitchens) and IGEF ( low electrosmug). They meet all safety standards required for use in the UK

How do I control the heat?

Because far infrared works by heating the fabric of the building which then radiates heat back, it is the temperature of the room which is important, not the temperature of the panel. Built in thermostats are not as effective because the close proximity of the thermostat to the heater means that it is impossible to correctly measure the room temperature. Far infrared heating products can be controlled through a range of programmable thermostats, receivers and sensors. Infranomic infrared heaters are controlled through the use of
- Individual rooms / zones
- Individual appliances (plug-in thermostat)
- Building Management Systems (BMS)
- Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR's)

How easy is it easy to install the panels?

Infranomic infrared heating panels are easy to install and require only an electrical source. This can be through an electric socket or they can be hard-wired. They can be wall or ceiling mounted, and for ease of use and versatility, standalone models are available.

Where can I find out more information?

On the Power Heating website, and by contacting us by phone or email, or in person to view a selection of heaters at our East Yorkshire office at 4 Innovation Drive, Green Park, Newport, East Yorkshire HU15 2FW


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