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Power Heating are proud to feature the Infranomic range of infrared heating panels for supply and installation in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of highly energy efficient infrared heating panels in stunning designs that will bathe you in this most natural of heat sources, giving your home that ‘summers evening’ type of comfort. Infranomic is a unique infrared heating system designed to reduce your home’s heating bills. Infranomic panels emit far infrared energy directly into a room, heating both the occupants and the fabric of the building, thus a particularly pleasant feeling of heat develops. Please do contact us if you'd like any more information.

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A brief introduction to infrared heating

A brief introduction to infrared heating and Infranomic infrared heaters, to provide a little background to the principle and technology.

Infrared heat is a type of heat that can be felt on skin as heat from the sun. Infrared is a form of light, and heating technology has been adapted as a method of heating in homes, offices and businesses. A market-leading range is the Infranomic range of infrared heaters and these can be used to replace traditional heating systems as a safe, innovative and more energy efficient alternative to other forms of heating.

Infranomic infrared heaters use less energy than traditional heating systems because infrared heats the walls and objects of the building rather than heating the air. This means that the heat produced is retained which keeps the room warmer for longer. As well as this, because the heat is retained and less energy is needed, energy bills are lower due to less electricity usage.

Because Infranomic infrared heating panels are powered by electricity, the heating is very easy to install as the installation only requires an electrical source. The source could be in the form of an existing or new electrical socket, or the heating panel can be hard-wired. Furthermore, in order to provide a more versatile experience, heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted. There are also standalone models available to increase flexibility.

As well as being more energy-efficient, easy to install and versatile, infrared heating is entirely safe to use. Humans naturally absorb infrared heat from the Sun and infrared heating is no exception. The only difference is that infrared heating doesn’t produce any harmful UV rays. Therefore, infrared heating is 100% safe and is certified as safe to use by the standards of TUV, CE, CSA (Canada and USA), PCT, SAC, IP65 (“wet areas” such as bathrooms and kitchens) and IGEF (low electrosmug). They meet all safety standards required for use in the UK.

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